BPUT CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate & Rules Download

BPUT CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate & Rules Download

Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) does not award the mark in percentage, but it award the mark in term of CGPA. But if you are asked to enter your mark in term of percentage in any examination, then you have to follow the below given rules to convert your CGPA into Percentage.

How To Convert CGPA to Percentage in BPUT:

To covert your CGPA to Percentage in BPUT use the following formulla.
  1. Equivalent Percentage of mark = (CGPA-0.50) X 100
For example :

If a candidates have scored 8.23 CGPA in B.Tech then his percentage of mark is 

  • 8.23-0.50 = 7.73
  • 7.73 X 100= 77.3 %
That is his equivalent percentage is 77.3 percentage.

Rules of BUPT Regarding CGPA:

  1. Biju Patnaik University of Technology doesn't award percentage to its students.It provides CGPA that is Cumulative Grade Point Average. 
  2. The CGPA is calculated taking a maximum value of 10. The candidates are award their grade according to this 10 point. 
  3. So if in any examination of Interview you have to produce your percentage in Engineering Technology subjects then, Don't worry , BPUT has uploaded a CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate in its website www.bput.ac.in .
  4.  I have also uploaded this Certificate in this post. So if you are going to apply for any Lectureship post, then download the below given conversion certificate.

BPUT CGPA to Percentage Conversion Certificate Download 

No. BPUT / 1717
Dated May 16, 2012

This University follows seven point grading system [Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on base of 10 and the University does not award rnarks, nor class/division to a student at the semester or degree level as per Academic Regulation of the University.

         In partial modification to our earlier Notice No. 358, dated 02.02.2012 and pursuant to decision of the 18th Academic Council meeting held on 07.04.2012 & subsequent decision taken by the 18th Board of Management meeting held on 17.04.2012, the following formula may be used by the concerned organization/ individual at their discretion to obtain the equivalent percentage of marks for the CGPA awarded to the students of this University.

Equivalent Percentage of Mark = (CGPA — 0.50) x 10