Sunday, March 16, 2014

BPUT 1st Year Syllabus for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science & IT

BPUT 1st Year Syllabus For Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology

Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) Syllabus for B.Tech 1st year  is same for all branches that is  Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Biotechnology, Biomedical, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & ,Electrical & Electronics Engg, Electrical Engineering,Electronics & Telecommunication Engg,Information Technology, Marine Engineerin, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering,Textile Engineering, Fashion and Apparel Technology, Mineral Engineering, Plastic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Automobile Engineering. The 1st year of B.Tech has two semesters that is 1st semester and 2nd Semester. In each semester there are 6 papers which are same for all branches and 5 Lab. Here we have provided you the details syllabus for 1st and 2nd semester.

B.Tech 1st Semester Syllabus:

Theory Papers
  1. BS1101 Mathematics-I           
  2. BS1102  Physics – I      Or     BS1103 Chemistry-I      
  3. BE2101  Basic Electronics Or BE2102 Basic Electrical Engg.
  4. BE2103  Thermodynamics Or BE2104 Mechanics 
  5. HM3101 English Communication Skills
  6. BE2105   Programming in ‘C’                   
Practical or Sessional 
  1. BE7101  Engineering Drawing  Or BE7102 Workshop Practice 
  2. BE7103  Physics Laboratory    Or BE7104 Chemistry Laboratory 
  3. BE7105  Basic Electronics Laboratory Or BE7106 Basic Elect Engg. Lab 
  4. BE7107 ‘C’ Programming Laboratory   
  5. HM7101 Communicative English Lab.  
The OR subjects are given because the choice of this subjects depends upon the college. if in 1st semester the 1st subject is choose, then in 2nd sem they are bound to choose the second subjects. The number before the name of the subjects represents the subject code of that subject

B.Tech 2nd Semester Syllabus:

Theory Papers
  1. BS1104 Mathematics-II 
  2. BS1103 Chemistry-I Or BS1102 Physics – I 
  3. BE2102 Basic Electrical Engg. Or BE2101 Basic Electronics 
  4. BE2104 Mechanics Or BE2103 Thermodynamics 
  5. HM3102 Business Communication    
  6. BE2106  Data Structure using ‘C’ 

Practical or Sessional 
  1. BE7102 Workshop Practice     Or BE7101 Engineering Drawing 
  2. BE7104 Chemistry Laboratory Or BE7103  Physics Laboratory 
  3. BE7106 Basic Electrical Engg. Lab Or BE7105 Basic Electronics Laboratory 
  4. HM7102 Business Communicative Lab.
  5. BE7108   Data Structure using ‘C’ Lab