Saturday, May 05, 2018

BSE Odisha HSC (10th) Examination Grade System With Mark Range For Results

No. 104/ Syllabus/ Date 19/03/2014

From the years 2014, BES, Odiha has taken a measure step that, the Board has decided to introduce grade system in place of divisions in the results of the Annual High School Certificate Exam (HSC) or 10th (Metric). This grade system will remain same from this years. Candidates will be awarded individual marks in their subjects, but their final mark will be awarded as a Grade according to their mark range. The details of BSE Odisha HSC Examination Grade System With Mark Range For Results is mentioned below.

HSC Exam 2021 Grade System With Mark Range:

Mark Range Letter Grade  Grade Value

1. 90% & above upto 100% (540 to 600Marks) A1 Outstanding 
 2. 80% & above but below 90% (480 to 539Marks) A2 Excellent
3. 70% & above but below 80% (420 to 479Marks)  B1  Very Good
4.  60% & above but below 70% (360 to 419Marks) B2  Good
 5. 50% & above but below 60% (300 to 359Marks) C Above Average
6. 40% & above but below 50% (240 to 299Marks) D  Average
 7. 33% & above but below 40% (198 to 239Marks)  E Fair
8.  Below 33% (000 to 197Marks)  F Un Satisfactory Needs to appear again
9. Candidates securing less than 30 marks in individual paper(s) but securing aggregate mark more than 197.  F Un Satisfactory Needs to appear again

Grading Rule of HSC:

  1. Students will get mark in each subjects
  2. According to the Final Mark Grade will be awarded.
  3. Candidates awarded “F" Grade will be issued memorandum of marks only as per the previous practice. 

COMPARTMENTAL Rule For CHSE 2021 Onwards:

Candidate securing 33% or more marks (198 or more) in aggregate, but failing to secure 30% in one or more subjects will be allowed to appear in failed subjects in three consecutive chances as compartmental candidates.