Saturday, April 12, 2014

BSE Odisha Madhyama Examination Grade System With Marks Range

CORRIGENDUM No. 119 / Syllabus/ Date 07/04/2014 

From this year Board Of Secondary Education, Odisha, Cuttack  has introduced it Grading system for both Madhyama Examination results. In its Office Notification No-104 (Syllabus), Dated-19.03.14 the Grade it has mentioned the following grading system along with Marks Range for Madhyama Examination-2018 . There are 8 Grades are available according to mark range. These grades are A1, A2, B1, B2, C, D, E, F. The details is mentioned below.

Madhyama Examination-2018 Grade System:

Mark Range Letter Grade  Grade Value

1. 90% & above upto 100% (630 to 700Marks) A1 Outstanding 
 2. 80% & above but below 90% (560 to 629Marks) A2 Excellent
3. 70% & above but below 80% (490 to 559 Marks)  B1  Very Good
4. 60% & above but below 70% (420 to 489 Marks) B2  Good
 5. 50% & above but below 60% (350 to 419Marks) C Above Average
6. 40% & above but below 50% (280 to 349 Marks) D  Average
 7. 33% & above but below 40% (231 to 279 Marks)  E Fair
8. Below 33% (000 to 230Marks) F Un Satisfactory Needs to appear again
9. Candidates securing less than 30%marks in individual paper(s) but securing aggregate mark more than 230. F Un Satisfactory Needs to appear again

Rules of Grading:

  • Marks will be awarded in individual subjects. 
  • Grades will be awarded on aggregate marks only.
  • Candidates awarded "F' Grade will be issued memorandum of marks only as per the previous practice. 

COMPARTMENTAL Exam Principle :

Candidate securing 33% or more marks (231 or more marks) in aggregate, but failing to secure 30% in one or more subjects will be allowed to appear in failed subjects in three consecutive chances as compartmental candidates.