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Orissa High Court ASO Exam 2014 Questions of English, Arithmetic and General Knowledge

Orissa High Court Has conducted its Assistant Section Officer Examination 2014 for the recruitment of 100 ASO to the Orissa High Court, Cuttack. The Examination was held on 14 September 2014 ( Sunday ). The Examination was of three sitting. First sitting 10am to 12pm English, 12:30pm to 1:30pm- Arithmetic and 2:30 to 3:30- General Knowledge. The question was all subjective, means a candidates has to write the answer in the answer book provided by the Orissa High court.  Read below to see the Exam pattern and the Examination questions. Here you can see and download the previous Orissa High Court Assistant Section Officer  questions are given below.

Orissa High Court ASO Question Pattern:

There was three exams. All the English, Arithmetic and GK were subjective type.
  • ENGLISH : In English, there was an Essay , and Odia to English Translation, an English to Odia Translation, 10 preposition question, and 10 question was there to write the single word. You can see the full question below. Total mark was 100 mark with 2 hour duration..
  • ARITHMETIC : In Arithmetic there were 8 questions, out of which a candidates have to solve any 5 questions with full details. The full mark was 50 Mark see the ARITHMETIC question below.
  • GENERAL KNOWLEDGE : In general know ledge there was 10 question, each question has 5 bits. In each bit a GK was asked. There was no multiple choice questions. See the full questions below.

Orissa High Court Previous Exam Questions For 2014 :



Q. 1. Write the name of the persons who discovered these things; [5 Marks] 
  • (i) Antibiotic 
  • (ii) Antiseptic 
  • (iii) Stethoscope 
  • (iv) X-Ray 
  • (v) Thermometer 
Q.2. Following personalities are famous for what ; [5 Marks] 
  • (i) Arti Fradhan (India) 
  • (ii) Baichung Bhutia 
  • (iii) Debasish Mohanty 
  • (iv) Junko Tebei 
  • (v) Caroline Michuelsan 
Q.3. Write the full form of the following abbreviation ; [5 Marks] 
  • (i) B.R.O. 
  • (ii) B.C.C.I. 
  • (iii) A.S.I. 
  • (iv) C.V.C. 
  • (v) F.E.R.A. 
Q.4.Write the name of the author of the following Books; [5 Marks] 
  • (i) Arthasastra 
  • (ii) For whom the Bell Tolls 
  • (iii) Meghaduta 
  • (iv) Malgudi Days 
  • (v) Wings of Fire 
Q.5. Write the importance of the following days in a year; [5 Marks] 
  • (i) 8th August 
  • (ii) 8th May 
  • (iii) 8th September 
  • (iv) 8th October 
  • (v) 8th March  
Q.6 .Write the name of the Capitals of following Countries; 
  • (i) Hungary 
  • (ii) Indonesia 
  • (iii) Italy 
  • (iv) Japan 
  • (v) Germany. 
Q.7. Explain in five sentences ; 
Human Rights or Fundamental Rights. 

Q.8. How the following personalities are popularly known ? [5 Marks] 
  • (i) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
  • (ii) Gopabandhu Dash 
  • (iii) C. Rajgopalachari 
  • (iv) Lala Lajpat Rai 
  • (v) Jayaprakash N arayan 
Q.9.Answer the following questions ; [5 Marks] 
  • (i) Which is the longest river in India ? 
  • (ii) Write the name of the Longest Dam of our Country ? 
  • (iii) Which is the Largest Saline Water Lake in India ? 
  • (iv) Write the name of the State which has longest coast line ? 
  • (v) Write the name of the Longest Platform of our Country ? 
Q.10 . Answer all the questions
  • (i) Name the process through which plants prepare their food; 
  • (ii) Deficiency of Vitamin `D' causes which disease ? 
  • (iii) Spondylisis is the name of a disease that affects which part of the body ? 
  • (iv) What is the importance of rouphage in our diet ? 
  • (v) Meningitis is a disease, which affects what part of human body ? 
Full Mark- 50 
[Answer any 5 (five) of the following Questions] [All questions carry equal marks] 

Arrange the following fractions -3/5, 4/7, 8/9 and 9/11 in their descending order. 

Two pens and three pencils cost Rs.86/-. 
Four pens and a pencil cost Rs.112/-. 
Find the cost of a pen and that of a pencil. 

If the sum of two numbers is 42 and their product is 437, then find the absolute difference between the numbers. 

The population of a town is 1,76,400. If it increases at the rate of 5% per annum, what will be its population two years hence ? What was it two years ago ?
If 15 men working 9 hours a day, can reap a field in 16 days, in how many days 18 men will reap the field, working 8 hours a day ? Q.No.6. At what rate percent per annum will a sum of money double in 16 years ? 

The present age of a father is three years more than three times the age of his son. Three years hence, father's age will be ten years more than twice the age of the son. Find the present age of father ? 

Q.No.8. Evaluate; 
(i) 35  ÷ 0.07
(ii) 2.5 + 0.0005 
(iii) 136.09 ÷ 43.9. 

B. Find the product; 
(i) 2.61 x 1.3 
(ii) .4 x .04 x .004 x 40. 
Full Mark- 100

Q.1. Write an essay on any one of the following topics in 800 words. [30 Marks]
  • (1) Literacy - Key to Development 
  • (ii) Forest Key to human survival 
  • (iii) The Curse of dowry 
  • (iv) Indian Judicial System 
  • (v) Moral and Spiritual deprivation of the Morden Men. 
Q.2. Translate it into English.

Q.No.3 Retranslate the following passage into Oriya; 

"Seeing the immense potential of India, the Department of Tourism was formed to promote international and domestic tourism in the country. In addition, the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, the National Council for Hotel. Management and Catering Technology and the Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) were constituted. To promote tourism at the state level, each state and union territory has its own department of tourism. The Department of Tourism is assigned the task of providing infrastructure, carrying out publicity campaigns and disseminating information aimed at promotion of tourist sites in the world market. Further, it formulates policies and programmes and works in coordination with the other departments of the industry, like hotels, tour operators and travel agencies. With its offices in India and abroad, the Department promotes Indian tourism to facilitate tourist inflow into the country. The Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management has been constituted to provide professionally trained personnel to the industry. 

Q.4. Fill the blanks with appropriate prepositions. [10 Marks] 
  • (i) It will add --- our difficulties. 
  • (ii) The climate does not agree --- my system. 
  • (iii) I was amazed --- the news. 
  • (iv) He apologised to his teacher --- his misconduct. 
  • (v) I don't approve --- your action. 
  • (vi) He is aspiring --- name and fame.
  • (vii) You should attend --- your lessons. 
  • (viii) I dissent --- your views. 
  • (ix) Vice ends --- misery. 
  • (x) The police fired --- the mob. 
Q.5. Write a single word for a group of words. [10 Marks] 
  • (i) That which is easily broken.
  • (ii) That which cannot be conquered. 
  • (iii) He who has sacrificed his life for a noble cause. 
  • (iv) An office without any work but with high pay. 
  • (v) One who lends money at a very high rate of interest. 
  • (vi) Absence of any Government. 
  • (vii) A medicine to counteract the effect of poison. 
  • (viii) Representing God in human form. 
  • (ix) Suffering from extreme hunger. 
  • (x) The rise and fall of voice in speaking. 


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