Saturday, February 13, 2016

How To Use Article A and AN in English Grammar

In every competitive examinations, you will get a question from use of article "A" and "An" is English grammar. It is the easiest question to add a mark to your score. But most of the students don't know the trick that when they will use the Article "A" and when to use the Article "AN" in the English Grammar, so they can't answer the questions. Here we have provided the details about the Use of Article A and AN, after reading this article you will never miss the questions in Exams.

How To Use Article 'A' and 'AN' in English Grammar

Article A or An is used before a singular noun in English Grammar. The choice between A or An is determined by first sound of pronunciation (not by the letter of alphabet even it may be A, E, I, O, U) of the noun. If the noun is pronounced with a vowel sound, then you have to use "An". If the word is not pronounced with the consonant sound then, use "A"..

You can better under stand the above details by these examples.

Look at the following sentences

He is an honest man. 

Explanation: Here the Noun "Honest", though it is written with the starting letter 'H' but we are pronouncing it as "Onest", because "H" is silent. So  when you read it, it gives a vowel sound "O" . Here we can not use A before its,  we have to use "An"

He is a European.

Explanation:  Here the Noun "European" is written with the starting letter "E" but its pronunciation is "Youropean" means it is pronounced with a consonant sound, so here we can not use "An" before its. We have to use "A" before it.

NOTE :  It is many times seen that, some teachers are teaching the students that, if the starting letter of the noun is "A, E, I, O, U " then you have to use, "An" before it and if not then use "A" before it. It is totally wrong concept. 

Few More Examples

  1. He is an MLA .(MAL is pronounced as AM-L-A) so use An before it).
  2. He is an SDO. (SDO is pronounced as AS-D-O so use An before it.)
The following words and the use of 'A' or An' before them. Students generally make mistake using A or An before these words. Here is list of 'a' and 'an' article usages exercise and worksheet

Use "An" Before these words.

  1. An Hour.
  2. An hourly meeting
  3. An hour's daybreak
  4. An honour.
  5. An honorary post.
  6. An honourable person.
  7. An honest man.
  8. An heir.
  9. An honorarium.
  10. An FO.
  11. An Forest Officer.
  12. An MP/MLC.
  13. An IAS/IPS/ILO.
  14. An SP/SDO.
  15. An M.A/M.M.Sc.
  16. An RTS/RTC.
  17. An RC worker.

Use "A" Before these words.

  1. A house.
  2. A historical fair.
  3. A humble person.
  4. A husband.
  5. A heinous crime.
  6. A young man.
  7. A ewe.
  8. A university. (University pronounced as Youniversity) 
  9. A unity. (Pronunciation is Younity)
  10. A union
  11. A eulogy.
  12. A one rupee note. (One is pronounced as Wan)
  13. A one eyed man.
  14. A uniform.
  15. A useful book.
  16. A useful feature.
  17. A unique decision.
  18. A united front.
  19. A unified plan.
  20. A year.
  21. A USA ally.
  22. A forest officer.
  23. A member of society.