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OPSC "General Knowledge" Answer Key 2021 for OTE TS Polytechnic/Diploma Lecturer Examination

OPSC "General Knowledge" Answer Key 2021 for (OTE TS) Polytechnic/Diploma Lecturer Examination

OPSC Conducted the written examination for the  post of Lecturer in Diploma or Polytechnic College in OTE & TS cadre. The written examination was held on the date 22- June 2021. Here we have provided the answer key for the OPSC Lecturer general Knowledge Question Paper. OPSC general Knowledge Question Paper Answer key for the Lecture exam is solved here with answer. Please read match the answer key with your answer.

Odisha Public Service Commission
Polytechnic/Diploma Lecturer Exam in  (OTE TS) Grade- B
 "General Knowledge" 
Answer Key 2021
Time : 2 Hour                                                                                                    Full Mark : 50

1. How many fundamental duties Indians are expeted to perform ?

Ans : Eleven

2. 101st Constitutional Amendment Act refers to :

Ans : GST

3. Identify the odd one

Ans : Allahabad

4. Name the 12th President of India

Ans : Prativa Patil

5. In which year Election Commission was established ?

Ans : 1950

6. The headquarter of UNESCO is at

Ans : Paris

7. CSIR was established in the year ?

And : 1942

8. World Yoga Day is celebrated on

Ans : 21st June

9. Which country below is not a member of BIMSTEC ?

Ans : Pakistan

10. Pokharan II Test was held in the year

Ans : 1988

11. Whos is the Chief Commander of Armed Forces in India

Ans : The President

12. Who presides over the Joint Session of Indian Parliament ?

Ans : Speaker of Lok Sabha

13. Identify the odd one

Ans : 

14 : Identify the wrong pair of capital currency

Ans :

15. The venue of next Olympic Games is at

Ans : Tokyo

16. The first Asian Games was held at

Ans : New Delhi

17. Name he chairperson of 15th Finance Commission

Ans : N.K. Singh

18. Human Resource Development Ministry has launched which holistic programme for the deelopment of school education ?

Ans ; Sarva Siksha

19. Amrutdhara waterfall is located at :

Ans : Chhattisgarh

20. Gandiv Vijay 2018 is a/an

Ans : Military Exercise of Indian Army

21. The term TDSAT refers to

Ans : A Tribunal

22. Who mooted the idea of 'Food Coupon'

Ans: Kaushik Basu

23. NABARD was established on the recommendation of

Ans : Shivraman Committee

24. National Mission of Financial Inclusion was recomended by

Ans : C. Rangarjan Committee

25. kalinga was was fought in the year

Ans : 261 BC

26. Cuttack city was founded in the year

Ans : 989

27. Paik Rebellion was held in Odisha in

Ans : 1817

28. Identify the person not associated with Satyabadi Panchasakha.

Ans :

29. Which one is known as 'Tulashi Kshetra' in Odisha ?

Ans : Kendrapara

30. Which one is considered as oldest civilisation ?

Ans : Mesopotamia

31. Who was the Master of Greek Comedy ?

Ans : Aeschylus

32. Vasco Da Gama arrived in India in the year

Ans : 1498

33. Who was the first to sail round the world ?

Ans : Magellan

34. Wo was known as Man of Blood and Iron ?

Ans : Bismarck

35. Laterite soil are formed due to

Ans : Mechanicla weathering of Igneous rocks

36. Which one among the list tops uranium production ?

Ans : Kazakhstan

37. Asthenosphere is located at

Ans : Below Lethosphere

38. Which one is not an ore ?

Ans : Anderite

39. Who is called ' Father of Geometry' ?

Ans : Euclid

40. Albert Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for

Ans : Laws of Photoelectric Effects

41. Which one is most common cause of ' Sunburn' ?

Ans : Ultraviolet Radiation

42. A transition from solid to gas phase with no intermediate liquid stage is called

Ans : Sublimation

43. Which one was the First Indian satellite ?

Ans : Aryabhatta

44. Which one was India's first nuclear reactor ?

Ans : Apsara

45. Who was venerated as Second Buddha ?

Ans : Padmasambhava

46. Temple of Emerald Buddha is in the country

Ans : Thailand

47. Who was the First Education Minister of India?

Ans : Maulana Azad

48. Who said 'Swaraj is my birth right'

Ans : Tilak

49. Which country is compiling world's first tradional knowledge 'Digital Library' ?

Ans : India

50. Which one below is not a classical language in India ?

Ans  : Bhojpuri

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